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Civil Litigation

Effective Civil Litigation Services from an Experienced Fresno Lawyer

Business background is key to achieving fair resolutions

If you’re looking for a trial lawyer to handle a civil dispute, hiring an attorney with a highly aggressive disposition won’t necessarily get you everything you want. Fighting spirit matters, but it’s not as important as the ability to find pragmatic solutions to complex problems. At Abrams Law Group, we draw on four decades of experience in various types of businesses where conflicts were frequent and resolutions needed to be hammered out. We know what it takes to protect our clients’ rights and advance their interests in tough negotiations and in mediation and arbitration. We know the importance of a thorough cost-benefit analysis to determine the acceptable limits of a settlement. And we know that when all else fails, we can represent our clients skillfully and professionally in court.     

Determined civil attorney manages a variety of cases

In our practice, we handle a wide range of civil disputes on behalf of clients in Fresno and throughout the Central Valley, including:  

  • Business litigation — We represent plaintiff and defendant businesses in actions arising from breach of contract, collections, employment, fraud, misrepresentation, trade secret theft, trademark infringement, business oppression, and other conflicts.
  • Breach of contract — We uphold our clients’ rights with regard to any type of enforceable agreement. We thoroughly explore all available remedies to obtain the most appropriate, cost-effective outcome.
  • Construction litigation — We represent landowners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, sureties, lenders, and material suppliers in disputes arising from construction projects.
  • Divorce — In divorce actions, we protect our clients’ rights with regards to alimony, child custody, child support, and the division of marital property. Our pragmatic approach often helps clients overcome emotional obstacles to achieve fair settlements without the need of a trial.
  • Personal injury — If you have been injured due to negligence in an auto accident or slip and fall accident, or you have been harmed by a defective consumer product, we can help you obtain the full compensation you deserve. We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no upfront attorney fees: you only pay us after recovering compensation through a settlement you approve or a court verdict.
  • Real estate — In this area, where we have considerable experience, we help various stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, landowners, developers, and lenders on issues such as boundary disputes, easement disputes, eminent domain and reverse condemnation, quiet title, partition, and property liens.

Choosing an attorney to handle your civil litigation issue is an important decision. That’s why we offer a consultation, so we can learn about your case and you can learn more about us.

Contact our Fresno law office for experienced civil litigation counsel

To obtain a favorable resolution to your civil dispute, choose an attorney with a reputation for finding pragmatic solutions to complex legal and business conflicts. Call Abrams Law Group at 559-431-9710 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our Fresno office is conveniently located at 5412 North Palm Avenue, just three blocks west of the Yosemite Freeway.

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