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Skilled Fresno Real Estate Attorney Leverages Practical Experience

Former banker, broker and developer facilitates your real property deal in California

When you choose a lawyer to guide you through a real estate transaction or litigate a dispute, the one essential quality to look for is experience. When you retain Abrams Law Group, you get more than a knowledgeable attorney; you get practical real estate business experience spanning almost 40 years. As a commercial banker early in his career, Bob Abrams financed small and medium-sized real estate projects, oversaw residential real estate lending, and negotiated loan settlements. Later, as a licensed real estate broker and general contractor, Bob managed various aspects of residential and commercial building projects and participated in the acquisition and sale of commercial and residential property. Bob is also a former director of the California Association of Realtors and a past president of the Community Housing Counsel of Fresno. With a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, Bob Abrams is ready to help you get the most out of your property investment.

Trustworthy guidance for your residential and commercial property transactions in the Central Valley

Every parcel of real estate is a unique asset, presenting opportunities as well as challenges. To maximize the value of your investment, it’s important to receive advice from an experienced real estate attorney who can identify potential pitfalls and remove impediments to your success. In our real estate law practice, we draw on four decades of experience in business and the law to advise you on a range of issues, including:

  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Easements
  • Ground leases
  • Land use and permitting
  • Purchase and sale
  • Title issues
  • Well sharing

A successful real estate transaction requires more than getting a parcel for a perceived fair price. You have to be able to use and develop the land according to your plan. Our reliable counsel addresses your immediate concerns, but we also take the long view necessary to gauge the merits of the proposed transaction, so we can advise you on prudent steps to enhance your success.

Reliable litigation services for real property disputes

There are numerous ways a real estate deal can go wrong, from lack of due diligence to negligence to willful breaches of contracts. If your property rights have been violated, you can trust us to provide the aggressive litigation services you need to obtain a favorable resolution. We represent commercial and residential landlords and tenants, lenders, borrowers, and developers in a wide range of cases, including matters related to:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes
  • Defects in title
  • Eminent domain and reverse condemnation

In many instances, we are able to resolve real estate disputes through negotiations, mediation or arbitration, saving our clients the time and expense of trial. But when justice requires us to go to court, you can be confident in our preparation, our ability and our determination to win.

Contact our Fresno law office for experienced real estate counsel

Your real estate issues deserve knowledgeable and effective legal counsel. Call Abrams Law Group at 559-431-9710 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our Fresno office is conveniently located at 5412 North Palm Avenue, just three blocks west of the Yosemite Freeway.

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