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Fresno Business Law Attorney Draws on Vast Experience

Reliable, practical advice acquired from decades in the trenches

Getting business law advice from an attorney who has never run a business can be enormously frustrating. You’re likely to hear a lot of legal theory, not to mention “you can’t do that” repeated over and over, when what you want is practical advice on how best to achieve your business goals. This can have a decidedly negative impact on your business because it creates a disincentive to consult your business attorney, which leads to mistakes you could have avoided and expensive litigation to clean up the mess. But when you consult Abrams Law Group, you get relevant, detailed and practical advice that fits your circumstances and enhances your prospects of business success.

Practical guidance through the full life cycle of your business

At Abrams Law Group, our goal is to help your business in the immediate short-term and for the long run. We are able to draw from our extensive experience in various key industries — banking, construction, real estate development, property management, and more — to understand your needs at the moment and as you move towards the next phase of operations. Issues that we most often counsel clients about include:

  • Formation — If you are starting a new business, we can help you select the most appropriate entity and register your business with the state. We also advise on pertinent issues, such as ownership or partnership agreements, taxation planning, land use and permitting, regulatory compliance, and a host of other issues.
  • Contracts — We negotiate, draft and review contracts related to ownership, employment, operations, real estate, equipment, intellectual property, commercial agreements and other necessary issues.
  • Finance — We help businesses raise capital from various sources such as equity investors and commercial lenders. We have experience structuring finance agreements to meet our clients’ goals.
  • Employment — We advise employers on a full range of regulatory concerns and help them take proactive steps to avoid disputes which can lead to expensive litigation.
  • Acquisition and sale of business — When it’s time to grow your business through an acquisition or reap the rewards of your labors by selling your business, we perform the due diligence necessary to help you secure the most favorable terms possible.
  • Succession planning — Closely held small businesses and family businesses often require succession planning when the generation who built the company is ready to enter retirement. We design succession plans that preserve the company’s goodwill in the community, allow the next generation of management to assume control on a realistic timetable, and provide retirement income for the company’s founders.
  • Dissolution — In many situations, it’s appropriate to dissolve a business rather than continue operations with diminishing returns. We help our clients get the greatest value possible for their business assets while winding down operations in an orderly fashion.

To learn more about how we manage these and other business law issues, take advantage of a consultation.

Determined business litigation focused on delivering positive results

Even with the best, proactive legal advice, everyone who engages in business gets into a dispute sooner or later. We provide effective representation because our background is rich in business problem-solving and we have the negotiation and transactional skills to find solutions. Generally, we are able to reach fair settlements that preserve our clients’ rights through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. But when it is necessary to go to court, we have the skills necessary to fight effectively and deliver positive results.

Contact an experienced Fresno lawyer for trustworthy business counsel

Let your business benefit from our practical knowledgeable experience. Call Abrams Law Group at 559-431-9710 or contact us online to schedule a business law consultation. Our Fresno office is conveniently located at 5412 North Palm Avenue, just three blocks west of the Yosemite Freeway.

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