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Experienced Fresno Attorney Provides Effective Family Law Counsel

Divorce representation focused on practical solutions

Divorce and other family law issues are usually emotionally charged, but the solutions are almost always practical and very businesslike. That’s why it’s important to consult an attorney who has a proven record of providing pragmatic solutions for vexing problems if you’ve decided to dissolve your marriage or you’re struggling with another family law conflict. At Law Office of Robert C. Abrams, we draw on four decades of business experience as well as our legal practice to help people in all walks of life solve real-world problems. For all of your family law issues, we help you overcome emotional obstacles to achieve beneficial settlements.

Strong business background offers a definite advantage in family law disputes

At Law Office of Robert C. Abrams, we manage the full range of family law issues that arise under California law, but our successful business background is especially helpful in complex divorce cases. Hard feelings the parties have toward each other is not necessarily what complicates a divorce, although deep resentments don’t make the process any easier. Complications arise because you have children whom you now have to co-parent from two separate residences and because of the effect of California’s community property law on your marital estate. Although both of these issues can be highly emotional, their solutions are a matter of businesslike negotiation that requires realistic goal-setting and dispassionate analysis. Let’s look briefly at each:

  • Child custody — Nothing matters more than having frequent, meaningful contact with your children and raising them according to your values. But unless your spouse is a danger to the children, you cannot expect a winner-take-all victory in a child custody battle. Everything, from where they live and go to school to what they eat for breakfast, is subject to negotiation. To achieve reasonable goals in a child custody dispute, you can’t simply claim the moral high ground. You have to rely on the art of negotiation, which is where we excel.
  • Property division — No issue is more important for your financial future than the division of your marital estate. This process becomes much more complicated when you have a family business that may or may not be community property, or when you have a family home as your greatest asset. What is the proper way to divide a business between divorcing spouses? How do you settle issues of ownership and occupancy of your home when there aren’t sufficient assets to offset an outright award of the property to one spouse? Our background in business and real estate is a distinct advantage for our clients.

This discussion only scratches the surface. To learn more, take advantage of a initial consultation.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements from a lawyer with business experience

Engaged couples and those who are already married can benefit from a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement detailing their property rights. Although these agreements protect your rights in the event of a divorce, they have the added benefit of relieving financial stress, so they could actually help strengthen your relationship. However, to be valid, your marital agreement must conform to California law. We are meticulous about negotiating and drafting marital agreements that can survive court scrutiny.

Contact an experienced Fresno lawyer for pragmatic and effective family law service

The more emotional a family law issue is, the more you need practical advice from an experienced, business-minded attorney. Call Law Office of Robert C. Abrams at 559-431-9710 or contact us online to schedule a family law consultation. Our Fresno office is conveniently located at 5412 North Palm Avenue, just three blocks west of the Yosemite Freeway.

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